Full Scholarship Guideline
Different type of  International, local, Individual and organisation based  scholarship which are classified in several level as College Scholarship, under graduation scholarship, graduation Scholarship, doctoral scholar and postdoctoral scholarship.Through these scholarship an vital  financial aid is offered to meriterious students, to Regional Students, Community or Religion's but poor Student, Minority student and disable students help them to achieve their desirable knowledge on particular field of study and got the degrees.We ( try to discus and supply require information from authentic source about all Latest scholar ship, and other pro-set scholarship.

Regional International Scholarship

Different type Scholarship information in List

Latest Scholarship 
 College Scholarship
Under graduation Scholarship
Graduation Scholarship  
Doctoral scholarship  
 Post Doctoral Scholarship 
 Minority Scholarship 
 Disable Scholarship 
 Alphabetic Scholarship list
 Best Scholarship
 Other Scholar ship

To achieve higher education or to be educated for poor but intelligent student become too difficult sometime only for financial support from their family and other guardian, so they bound to give up their study from the early level or from the mid level of education. In Every Country  some Local  and International (Private or Govt.) Bank  offer Study loan to economic support less but good in study guys at very low rate interest loan (In the name of interest only) try to provide all countries (Country base)  Study Bank loan  system and procedure information to student  who need an flexible financial  to carry on their Study  respectively( all information will be published as soon as possible , to access bookmarked this page). 

Visas, Immigration for study

Student Visa Options

Information on student visas and how to apply.

Student Guardians

Parents or relatives can apply for a visa to stay in Australia as the guardian of a student who is studying in Australia.

More Information for Students

Information on bringing family, working while studying, visa conditions, extending your stay, changing course or education provider, document checklists and special visa arrangements if an education provider’s approval to deliver your course is removed.

Student Visa Assessment Levels

Find out about Student visa Assessment Levels.

Sponsored Training Visas

For people who want to come to Australia through a professional development program or to undertake workplace based training.

Student Visa Program Review

The Hon Michael Knight AO is conducting a review of the Australian student visa program.

What's New?

Information about recent changes to Student and Sponsored Training visas.

Related Topics

Student Visa Statistics

The Student Visa program report is a quarterly publication that provides data on the student visa program administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Student Visa Enquiries

Information on how to contact us and how to obtain information on the progress of your application.

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

The department has an online facility that enables visa holders to enquire about their immigration status. This facility is also available for registered Australian Organisations.

Information for Education Providers

Australian schools, colleges and universities can find information about their obligations to international students when offering them a place in a course.

Agents Gateway

Education agents can find information on how to lodge visa applications for international students who want to study in Australia. 
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